The Comparison Everybody Waited for Android vs. iOS

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People have used many different sorts and variations of phones since the dawn of the internet. As the perfect example here, we can mention the Java phone and Symbian and Blackberry phones. These smartphones served their function well, but technology evolved further with the introduction of Android phones and iPhones.

Why is Android better than iOS

We have several arguments why Android phones are better than iPhones and why you should still choose Android phones over iPhones at all times. This list will assist you in making your decision, and you should calm your anxieties as you take note of the fantastic advantages of an Android phone.

The monetary value

We are starting the dilemma of why Android better than iOS with the most common problem for iOS users, the overpriced phones. The notion of owning an iPhone appeals to everyone, yet not everyone can afford one. This just implies that it isn’t the most suitable solution for everyone. We’ve used both iPhone and Android for a long time. Unlike the iPhone, Android phones come in a wide variety of sizes and designs. We won’t deny that the finest Android phones are nearly as expensive as the best iPhones, but still, the Android phone is more customized and adaptable. Even though Samsung keeps improving their systems, you may buy a Samsung mobile for a lesser price with the same function. You can purchase an Android phone with decent functionality for as little as $200. Since luxury is not for everybody, the Android market has made the costly lifestyle of smartphones simpler for consumers to live with.


One more reason why Android is better than iOS is the low durability of iOS products. The iPhone, like Android, has every app you could ever want. Therefore, you’d believe that the iPhone is more robust than Android phones based on their design and manufacturing. No! You are not wrong. Far from that, it would help if you learned more. The battery life of an Android phone has always been a distinguishing characteristic that sets it apart from other types of phones. No matter how costly an iPhone is, it will never be able to match the longevity of an Android.

Features of the Camera

Yeah, that is right. I was also astonished when I heard this fact, and that is why the camera features are coming in the third-place of reasons why Android is better than iOS. So, brace yourselves. According to studies, 80 percent of young women only look at one-tenth of a phone’s features before purchasing it, which is the camera. Consequently, the enormous majority of them choose to utilize an iPhone. Some females are unconcerned with the price as long as the camera, not the model, is decent. As a result, merely to keep up with demand, Android manufacturing has accelerated. As of 2010, Techno phones, on the other hand, are comparable to a 5-megapixel camera. There has been a significant improvement in camera quality in only the last year.

The Size of The Screen

And last but not least, probably the most noticeable reason Android is better than iOS is that Android produces devices with substantial screen sizes. If you want the largest screen available on the phone, Android is the way to go. A new term, phablet, has constantly been developed in order to represent a hybrid phone and tablet. There has always been a tendency towards larger cellular screens.

The initial batch of Android-powered phablets is the best. For example, Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 has a 6.3-inch display. However, when using the iPhone X or iPhone 11, all you get is a 5.8-inch screen. In any event, if size is essential to you and cost is a factor, Android is the winner.

Closing Thoughts

However, yes, there is always a however, Android phones can be all you’d wish, but iOS is iOS. The software itself is developed especially for the use of Apple, and therefore, the applications that are created for iOS are made in a unique language called SWIFT. Precisely because the iOS phone is a better wholeness, there is such a rise of businesses looking to hire ios developer that will help with their ongoing projects. Furthermore, the Apple company still creates frequent software updates even for the old iPhone 6s released back in 2015. This means that one can still use a phone that is 6+ years old without any trouble at all, while on the contrary, if you take an Android phone 6+ years old, would you be able to say the same?

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