The Ultimate Guide To Amazon Marketing Jobs

I’m ready to guess that whenever you and your team talk about marketing strategy, you always bring up the same three or four social media networks – Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. But where does Amazon fit into this picture? 

This year, Amazon’s global ad income is expected to surpass $26.1 billion. The eCommerce giant is constantly growing its ad service portfolio, putting advertising tech behemoths like Google and Facebook to shame. 

Continue reading to learn everything there is to know about Amazon Advertising, including what it is, why it’s worthwhile to invest in, ad placement possibilities, and optimization tactics. 

Amazon Marketing Job description 

Amazon Advertising, formerly known as Amazon Marketing Services (AMS), is an umbrella word for all of the advertising services Amazon provides to its sellers, vendors, and registered brands. 

There are two types of advertising available on Amazon: 

1. Amazon CPC (cost-per-click advertisements) Self-Service: Includes ads on the Amazon website.

2. Managed-Service Amazon’s demand-side platform (DSP) includes both on and off-site CPM (cost per thousand impressions) ads. 

The second category allows advertisers (even if they don’t sell on Amazon) to buy display, video, and audio ads programmatically to reach audiences across Amazon-owned sites and apps, such as IMDb, as well as third-party publishers’ sites, using direct inventory from Amazon Publisher Services and third-party exchanges. Unlike a CPC campaign, which you can build and publish quickly, Amazon DSP advertisements normally demand a large budget of at least $35,000, and you’ll need to contact an Amazon Advertising account executive to get started. 

Average Income

Here you are advertising your brand or company on a window-shopping platform, and it depends on the number of clicks and the potential buyers that turned into customers. 

The income cannot be deduced. However, it is one of the best ways to market your brand and make a living. If you are doing this kind of advertisement for some other company, then only you are paid a definite amount like a regular marketer. The average salary is $135,850 annually, and the lowest is $97,710. 

What do they do 

Now that we know what is amazon advertising let’s get to know the types of advertising and how they could be done to get the maximum expected output. 

1. Amazon Sponsored Ads 

A Sponsored Products ad campaign is the most common way for companies to begin their Amazon Advertising strategy. These are self-service CPC advertising for particular items that appear in search results and on rival product sites and are keyword-targeted. You may quickly get started with this advertising by conducting keyword research and promoting goods that you believe will generate the most sales. 

Conversely, you may use Amazon’s technology to do the hard work for you and target the most relevant terms for your product advertising using automated keyword targeting. Instead of keywords, you may use the product targeting ad type to target your rivals’ product pages. Sponsored Product Ads features a reporting tool that reveals your ad’s clicks, spend, sales, and advertising cost of sales to help you analyze its success (ACoS).

2. Amazon Headline Search Ads 

This self-service ad style, now known as Sponsored Brands advertisements, allows you to display keyword-targeted CPC ads for a group of up to three goods above, below, and alongside Amazon search results. 

Sponsored Brands, as the name indicates, assist increase brand recognition by prominently displaying your company’s name, logo, and bespoke ad content (title plus product thumbnails) in relevant shopping results. You may direct visitors to your own Amazon storefront or a specific Amazon product page. 

3. Amazon Product Display Ads 

This CPC ad type, which is another self-service ad solution, offers a range of placement possibilities, including: 

● The home page 

● a product page from a rival 

● Below are the search results. 

● Pages dedicated to customer feedback 

● And there’s more. 

The main difference between this format and the others is that instead of targeting keywords or competitor items, you’ll target clients based on their interests, buying habits, and whether or not they’ve already visited any of your products’ sites. However, you may target individual items and category pages as well. 

4. Amazon Native Ads 

Amazon Native Shopping Advertisements are ads that you may post on your brand’s website, similar to the standard native ads that show on a web page but don’t look like ads. 

Instead of offering content suggestions, you present highly relevant product recommendations that encourage customers to buy from your Amazon shop. Native advertisements can be placed at the conclusion or throughout your content flow. Native Shopping Ads, which are shown at the foot of our articles, have done well. 

5. Amazon Video Ads 

Amazon Video Ads are advertisements that you may post on Amazon-owned sites like and IMDb, as well as Amazon devices like the Fire TV and other websites. Whether or whether you sell things on Amazon, you may buy Amazon video advertisements, and the landing page for your ad can be an Amazon product page, your own website, or any other web page on the internet. 

6. Amazon Stores 

On your own multi-page Amazon Store, users may market their brand or product. You may exhibit your brand’s items or portfolio of work using Amazon’s themes or drag-and-drop tiles. 

Brands who use Amazon Stores get an Amazon URL and access to traffic data, allowing them to analyze sales, traffic sources, and marketing campaigns. Furthermore, setting up an Amazon Store is completely free.


At the end of the day, Amazon wants successful companies like yours. That’s how Amazon has grown into a giant in the eCommerce world. That’s why they’re always coming up with innovative ways to increase brand visibility and revenue. 

Sponsored product advertising is a wonderful place to start with Amazon Advertising if you want to reach out to new consumers and increase sales rapidly. After that, you may try out other ad locations, such as product display advertisements, to find the best advertising approach for you. 

To summarise, as more individuals become addicted to Amazon’s near-unrivalled ease, Amazon advertising may play an increasingly important role in your eCommerce success.

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