The Ultimate Guide To Freelance Graphic Designing Job

So you’ve decided to take the plunge and start freelancing as a graphic designer. Maybe you’re a graphic designer that wants more freedom, or maybe someone who loves freelancing is finally going to hire you! Whatever your reason for looking into freelance design work, it’s important to know what you’ll need to get started. 

Freelance Graphic Designing Job – Job Description 

A person who combines text and pictures in advertisements, magazines, or books is known as a graphic designer. Graphic design is a new-age communication channel via motion pictures and graphics directly to the consumer.

It is a visual concept created using software or hand to deliver the idea that can inspire, inform and captivate. 

From the company website layout to the billboards’ large images are all work of a graphic designer. Freelancers are independent and work on a project basis of their free will. 

How Much Does A Freelance Graphic Designer Earn

Graphic designing is the newly emerging and creative industry in demand. Talking about the financial aspect, An average freelance graphic designer earns $55,642 annually i.e., $27 an hourly wage. While the top-earning could touch at least $78,000 annually (an hourly wage of $38). 

When you are just a beginner, a mere experience of 1-4 years can earn you $12,000 annually. 

Duties And Responsibilities Of Freelance Graphic Designer Y 

While you are freelancing apart from the graphic designing skill you need to deliver several other duties to maintain the decorum of the service you are providing. 

Freelance graphic designers are self-employed. They manage the project and business on their own.

  • Planning the concept by studying the relevant information and demands. 
  • Schedule projects and manage the budget constraints. 
  • Illustrations with rough sketches to present the idea creatively. 
  • Preparing the final art and Communicating with clients for layout and design approval. 
  • Coordination with printing, creative directors, copywriters, and other agencies to get things done. 
  • Revisions and amendments in the final work after feedback. 
  • Ensuring the design is visually appealing by testing across various media. 

How To Get Freelance Graphic Designing Job

After getting the hang of the job profile and its prospects, the question of how to get the job arises. Well, the simplest answer is to google it, surf through multiple pages, and finally get that one job. 

But to save your time and hustle, we have compiled a list of the top 5 websites that offer freelance graphic designing jobs on the go –

1. Freelancer.Com is a renowned freelancing website where you have to bid on the relevant projects and get hired by the recruiters. To get started, simply create an account and start bidding without paying any fee. You can easily manage working hours, project budget, and milestone payments there. Graphic designing jobs are the most sought. To get hired, write an engaging bid with the details of the description of the job and the skill set you acquire. 

2. Upwork 

Upwork needs no introduction in the freelancing digital marketplace. It is now in the topmost work genres. Within the seconds of account creation, they provide comprehensive module training too. Suggestions of relevant projects pop up now and then. You have to create an ad for the service and specialization of the graphic design work you provide and get hired. 

3. KIWI 

Kiwi is a freelancing service providing a platform that takes the pain of providing you a relevant job. The client hires you via a prompt notification then after accepting the offer the client gets connected over a video call. Then the project is being explained and resolved remotely. Once the project is done, the payment is processed within 60 minutes. A few clicks and you are earning with the graphic designing skill you possessed. 

4. Guru.Com 

Guru is the best freelancing website to get hired by multinational companies and earn instant commission. Create an account in a few clicks and send quotes to the jobs posted. You can easily get hired by sending quotes of your choice of projects. 

5. AwesomeWeb 

The awesome web is a dedicated professional freelance website for web and graphic designers only. Company or clients hire professional designers to get the job done in a few clicks. The portfolio you create provides leverage to your professional network and help you get more and more project for earnings. You can easily list yourself according to the skillset and service you provide. 

Prerequisite Qualifications Required For Freelance Graphic Designing Job

The job may sound simple but it does require a set of skills and qualifications to get hired especially by big companies.

  • A bachelor’s degree or diploma in graphic arts, design, web design, communication, or other related fields. 
  • Knowledge of industry-standard software and creativity. 
  • Technical training in graphic designing. 
  • 3-5 years of experience. 
  • Strong analytical skills and an excellent eye for detail. 
  • Must know photoshop, illustrator, InDesign, HTML and UI/UX designing, Adobe suite, typography, print design, Microsoft office suite, CSS, photography, and branding Some of these might not sound relevant, but knowing them even a little bit could increase at least 30% chances of you being selected. 
  • Ability to work meticulously and within deadlines. 

Freelance Graphic Designing Job FAQs 

Is Freelancing A Good Option While Starting A Career As A Graphic Designer? 

Freelancing for full-time or part-time is always a great choice to make especially when you are just a beginner, be it any job profile. 

Does A Master’s In Designing Will Help Me Get A Higher-Paying Job? 

It is worth it. The average salary of a graphic designer with a master’s degree or MBA specializing in designing is $62,000 annually. The prospects are always better with further experience. 

Which Is The Highest-Paying Career In Graphic Designing? 

Designers are heavily paid but the highest paying profile is that of a web developer/ Designer. 

What Are The Job Responsibilities Of A Freelance Graphic Designer?

The job of a Graphic Designer is to communicate information visually. From posters to billboards, to packaging, to logos, to marketing materials, they do it all. To convey their ideas to an audience, graphic designers use imagery, colors, style, typography, and more.

How Can A Freelance Graphic Designer Make A Resume?

– Review the job description. Check the job posting to ensure you possess the skills needed for the job.

– Decide on the format. 

– Put a heading in place. 

– Describe how to reach you. 

– Add links if possible. 

– Ensure your summary is professional. 

– Describe your experience. 

– Bring your skills to the table.

What Is A Freelance Graphic Designer?

Creative professionals who produce visual designs are known as freelance graphic designers. It is their job to combine images and graphics creatively, using tools and technology.

Do Freelance Graphic Designers Make Good Money?

The median wage for graphic designers is slightly higher than the average for all occupations in the U.S., according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). It is a little higher than the mean annual wage in the U.S. for all occupations, which is $51,960.

Is Graphic Design In Demand?

There is a high demand for graphic designers. Marketing and advertising job opportunities are growing. Thus, graphic designers, particularly those skilled in web and mobile technology, are in high demand.

Is Drawing Skills Necessary For Graphic Design?

Graphic Designers don’t need to draw, instead, they use images, typography, illustrations, and other assets to create appealing designs.

What Is The Difference Between A Graphic Designer And An Illustrator?

A graphic designer is responsible for designing elements and structures that will convey a visual message/brand for a company attempting to sell a product or service. On the other hand, illustrators are usually hired by commercial clients like comic book houses, publishing houses, and advertising agencies.

How Many Years Is A Graphic Design Degree?

Obtaining a degree in graphic design from a traditional university usually takes four years, which will usually earn you a bachelor’s degree. Most students don’t plan to spend that much time behind a desk, even if some schools offer 5 – 6 year Master’s Degree programs.

Who Hires Freelance Graphic Designers?

– Companies that develop software and websites. 

– Firms in the advertising industry. 

– Production companies and television studios.

– Branding and consulting for corporations.

What Software Do Most Freelance Graphic Designers Use?

– Adobe Illustrator.

– Adobe InDesign.

– Adobe Photoshop.

– Canva.

– Genially.

– Gravit Designer.

– Inkscape.

– Xara Designer Pro X.

What’s The Difference Between Graphic Design And Graphic Art?

Primarily, there is a difference in purpose and intent between the two. The graphic design facilitates content and conveys a preset message to the target audience, where graphic art portrays an idea or story.

Do Freelance Graphic Designers Work From Home?

Having the ability to work from home or anywhere in the world is one of the perks of being a graphic designer. As a graphic designer, one of your roles is to assemble ideas and create visual information to convey those ideas.

Why Become A Freelance Graphic Designer?

If you enjoy drawing, painting or illustrations, you may want to consider a career in the visual arts and wonder if you should become a graphic designer.

A graphic designer has many benefits, including the opportunity to work with a wide range of clients. Many graphic designers express satisfaction in creating something visually compelling or creating a brand image that is seen by thousands, if not millions of people.

How To Become A Freelance Graphic Designer?

Getting started in graphic design can be challenging for anyone considering the field. The field of graphic design is highly competitive, so standing out is essential.

Businesses, design studios, and agencies all have their own graphic designer requirements. A degree is not necessarily required, but most employers are looking for candidates who have a strong and impressive portfolio as well as previous experience working in commercial design.

Be an expert, Build a strong portfolio and Keep trying.


The bottom line, You don’t need fancy or expensive equipment to freelance, but you do need a good idea of how much work is available within your area of specialty and how many hours you’re willing to work each week. 

Graphic design is one of the most popular and evolving career paths for designers out there today because it’s both profitable, demanding, and creative.

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