8 Things to Lookout for Before Hiring a Custom Writing Service

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Nowadays, most students avail custom essay writing help as they feel helpless with handling multiple college and university assignments. As too many assignments demand piling on students’ shoulders, they are unable to give equal attention to each assignment request. 

But not all custom writing service that claims to offer qualified essay writers are genuine. If you intend to choose a reliable writing service, you will have to dig deeper while researching the writing websites. 

As students failing to fulfill the requirements of essay writing services, they look for custom writing services. Often due to the emergence of deadlines, students are often rushing to choose online writing services. This way, more and more students are becoming victims of fraudulent or dishonest writing services. Failing to choose a reputable custom writing service will result in poor grades or late delivery of assignments.

This blog post will discuss some essential criteria that you need to consider while choosing a genuine writing company.

Create an anonymous profile

Confidentiality is very important when you are choosing a custom writing service. One can never be too careful. That’s why it is suggestive of creating an anonymous profile so that you can protect your privacy. Avoid sharing valuable information like your name, college name, etc. If a third party gets your personal information, it will be very risky for you. The reason is through the information; they can easily track you. So keeping the worse scenario in mind, it is better to be safe than sorry. 

Do your research on the writing company

You should not just pick a custom writing company randomly. You need to ensure that the writing company offers original and plagiarism free content. Colleges and universities are alarmed by the number of students getting academic papers copied from elsewhere. Since plagiarism is a serious academic offense, consider checking the samples. You can copy and paste the content in a plagiarism checker to ensure the writers can create 100% original content and understand how to structure essay content. Your teacher/professor expects to see an impressive essay introduction and essay conclusion, so check if the experts can deliver the same.

Check if the writers are professionals

You cannot just hand over your assignment task to anyone. You need to be absolutely sure that writers will be able to produce quality assignment papers. Go through the list of academic experts and check if they have writers who have expertise in your field. Read their author bio section to find out details on their level of expertise and knowledge. This is your opportunity to see how much experience the writers have with academic writing. The writer who works on your task should be a native expert and have at least ten years of academic writing experience. 

Never settle for the cheap ones

You might have a tight budget, but that does not mean that you waste your money hiring a fake writing service. On browsing through the internet, you will find several websites offering custom writing services at cheap rates. You need to ask yourself, “Why they will charge so less for the amount of effort they are investing in your paper?” There are high chances that they are using the same content for different clients or giving you poor quality work. Writing a good assignment requires a huge effort and time. So if the quality is your top priority, be prepared to spend a decent amount of money.

Always read customer reviews

When I ask you to read customer reviews, we actually mean the reviews posted on popular review sites like sitejabber.com, topassignmentreviews.com, www.reviews.io or scamfighter.net. Usually, the reviews that you find on the website are not genuine. Online writing companies only post positive reviews on the website, leaving out the customers’ negative responses. Thus, that is not enough to make a sound decision for choosing an appropriate writing service.

You obviously cannot expect a service provider not to have any negative reviews. But you need to pay attention to what kind of dissatisfaction they are having regarding the writing service. All the responses of previous customers will give you valuable insight into whether you should go for the custom writing service or not.

If that does not help you, consider reading what the reviewers have to say about the particular writing agency. You can also try asking your classmates who might have experience with the specific writing company. It is always better to get recommendations from your closed ones. 

Check their versatilities

The company you are hiring for your essay writing must handle all kinds of essay styles. This ensures that they are highly skilled and can write informative content in all types of essay styles. The company you are selecting should also be familiar with all formatting style like MLA, APA, Chicago, Harvard, Vancouver, Oxford, AMA, etc. All reputable writing companies are backed by a professional team of writers who can work on all type of essays with any referencing styles.

Make sure they have open communication

A good writing company will take immediate action to clarify the doubts of their clients. Keeping clients waiting is never a good idea. You can try to call the customer support executives at different times in a day to see how long they take to respond. Also, pay attention to whether there is any frustration in their tone or rude behaviour for answering you so often. 

Check the guarantees

Guarantees are other criteria you need to confirm before selecting an essay writing help service. To maintain a friendly relationship and trust with the customers, all reputable writing companies offer the following guarantees:

  • Free unlimited revisions
  • Deadline-oriented tasks
  • 100% refund
  • Free plagiarism report
  • 100% original paper
  • Discount policies
  • Free editing and proofreading services
  • 100% customer satisfaction

Never hire a writing company if they fail to fulfil any of the guarantees stated above. The guarantees will reduce your tension and doubts. You will have the assurance that you can get back to them if anything goes downhill. 

Wrapping up,

Hiring writing companies may have become a popular trend in recent years among students desiring to get the best grades. The writing company that fails any of the criteria mentioned above is not worth your time, attention, or money. Every student needs help from an online writing help service at some point in their academic life. But you need to behave cautiously while choosing your custom writing service. 

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