Top Things No One Will Tell You About Subway Tiles

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Even though subway tiles have gained a lot of popularity with time, it turns out there is so much you still need to know. There is no denying the fact that subway tiles are timeless, enhances the aesthetics, and work wonders for the property. But have you ever thought about what exactly counts as subway tiles? Do you know where did it come from? Well, friends, you need to admit that you are not so sure? Hence, we have done some digging for you and have found out the topmost things that you might not know about subway tiles.


  • The tiles were originated beneath Manhattan: Not everyone might be aware of the fact that the first subway tile was seen in the New York’s City subway system. Yes, you are reading it right. The subway was first opened in 1904. This is when the designers were asked to design something unique yet eye-catchy. In addition to this, they were also asked to design a floor which could be cleaned easily. This is when they used the subway tiles and everything was just up to the mark.


  • You can still see the first subway tile in the station: If you are someone who wishes to take a look at the first subway tile, you can always book your tickets and visit the subway station in New York City. The museum is known to offer tours for tourists. In addition to this, even the people residing in New York can catch a glimpse during the evening time.


  • Hygiene was the first priority: Before inventing subway tiles, the designers thought of inventing a tile that was easy to maintain, and clean. And, this is when subway tiles were introduced. Because of their glazed finish, they are not only easy to clean but you can also maintain them without facing any hassle. In all, subway tiles are the best choice for most of them out there whether they are used in a bathroom, kitchen, or restaurant.


  • The tiles come in stone and glass too: If you want to get your hands on subway tiles, you need to know that they are available in glass and stone too. Hence, keeping your requirements in mind you can purchase the tiles which are suitable for you. Speak to the seller if you are not able to make a decision. They will consider your prerequisites and give the right piece of advice.


  • They are economical: Unlike other tiles, subway tiles are not very expensive. Yes, this is true. Just get in touch with sellers who offer the best quality subway tiles at genuine rates. We bet you will get the tiles you were seeking that too at rates you can afford. What else could you ask for?


The Final Word

These are some of the unknown facts about subway tiles. We hope they were new yet interesting to you.

Are you seeking a company that offers subway tiles? Do your homework and make an informed decision.



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