Ultimate Guide To Freelance Copywriting Jobs

Digitalization has enabled almost every job to be remote-based. With every second passing, businesses and markets are putting their heels into the virtual world of business and marketing. And the best part is, they are getting their jobs done at a much faster pace and at a relatively low cost. To keep up with the current trend and earn better leads, it is important to acquire the skill of managing the job’s responsibilities online. 

We have come up with the ultimate guide to freelance copywriting jobs today. Whether you are a beginner or an intermediary, this article addresses all your queries and is going to help you perform better as well as efficiently. 

Freelance Copywriting Job Description

A copywriter is a person who writes for marketing and commercial purposes. Their writings are meant to generate sales and turn potential leads into valued customers.

This includes advertisements, websites, digital media, digital media, social media, or blog posts. 

Freelance copywriters are hired on a project or contract basis. Compelling, catchy, and promotional lines are needed to be written for a wide variety of products and services. 

Research and planning are an integral part of this job. Then comes writing the draft also known as copy. The written piece could be a slogan, a well-crafted email, tech document, speech, script, or website copy. 

Web copywriters are in high demand right now. It is a boom like never before. A multifaceted tactical person with knowledge of the varied fields will be the best person to serve this industry. 

Freelance Copywriter Average Salary 

Salary is the most important part that matters in any job. On that note, it is noteworthy that a freelance copywriter will never be deprived of work and hence finances will be better off.

The beginner (trainer) can easily earn $25-35 hourly, amounting to $52000-62000 annually. And according to this data, a trained and experienced copywriter can make six figures yearly. An average copywriter earns $35,000-65,00 annually. 

Duties And Responsibilities Of Freelance Copywriter

After seeing the job description and lucrative salary prospects, it becomes equally important to know the job responsibilities to achieve them as well.

The following key points cover the duties extensively that are needed to be delivered – 

  • To write copy for varied media including social, print, media, and online. 
  • To write sales pages, landing page copy, or a company’s next marketing campaign. 
  • To edit and proofread with multiple revisions to meet the editorial standards. 
  • To maintain brand consistency across platforms with the voice of your 
  • Flexible nature to collaborate with creative, product, marketing, and legal to assess project needs and help with messaging. 
  • Keep up with the trends and competitors in the editorial world. 
  • To prove the ability to demonstrate brand voice. 
  • See the projects in a creative and inceptive way.

How To Get Freelance Copywriting Jobs

After equipping yourself with the required skills and getting the hang of the territory, it is time to find some assured sites to get real freelance copywriting jobs’ gigs.

When you are freelancing, it could be part-time or full-time depending on your availability and interests. Following are proven ways to get started – 

  • Cold pitching – it refers to pitching yourself before businesses, startups, and other potential recruiters and letting them know about your freelance copywriter service. First, you need to locate a business and say, for example, you noticed an absence of a blog site, you can pitch in yourself to get started. 
  • Use your website – This is the best of all ways to attract high-paying clients to a professional-looking website. And it is only possible when you have a diversified portfolio to work with. 
  • Linkedin Jobs – LinkedIn is the most potent and secure site to get the desired job in the desired company. Here you can use both cold pitch and warm pitch to get hired for the jobs posted on the job board. 
  • Freelancer.com and other freelancing websites – Freelancer and other websites like Upwork, etc are always there with different projects of different people around the world. You just need to bid on the potential and real project and get paid for it. 
  • Use a content agency – content agencies are in constant need of writers especially smaller agencies. They usually pay better. They even provide training.

Qualification To Get Freelance Copywriting Job

While there are not many preset standards to get started with a freelancing copywriting job. It is the tactful writing skill that counts. Following are some qualities whose possession could increase your chances of being hired. 

  • Most employers ask for a graduate degree in journalism, English, mass communication, creative writing, or similar fields. 
  • A professional certified course in copywriting to keep the stakes high. An additional 3-5 years of expertise preferably with a marketing agency. 
  • Skill to manage multiple projects and meet deadlines. 
  • Good editing and proofreading skills. 
  • Ability to give voice to the brand you are working for 
  • Keen details observant with creative and conceptual thinking. 
  • Collaborative and passionate, and can work in a fast-paced environment. 
  • Knows Microsoft office applications. 

Freelance Copywriting Jobs – Related FAQs

What Does A Freelance Copywriter Do?

Copywriters who work for ad agencies or in-house departments on a freelance basis are called freelancers. Depending on the scope of the work, freelance writers may be asked to contribute on a per-project basis, an hourly rate, or a day rate.

Can I Become A Freelance Copywriter With No Experience? 

Experience and degree are no barrier to becoming a top-notch copywriter. It is the skill and in-depth knowledge and passion that counts. Many clients are interested in your work quality

And efficiency. Once you achieve a remarkable portfolio, you are too good to be hired by multinational agencies. 

Is Copywriting Easy To Learn? 

Copywriting is a special skill that only a few people can understand its essence and only fewer know about it. However, learning copywriting doesn’t have to be difficult. A good learning system stretches beyond writing techniques. Enrol in a course and learn and earn. 

Are Freelance Copywriting Jobs Legit? 

Freelance jobs give out some common red flags like writing in bulk, paying hefty, free samples. You just need to identify them and pick up the project wisely. 

What Are The Characteristics Of A Good Copywriter?

Copywriters must be detail-oriented to create content that is free of errors, grammatically correct, and aligned with clients’ nuanced brand voices. A successful Copywriter needs to have a growth mindset, which enables them to embrace criticism and use it for future projects. They should also be creative, versatile, collaborative, and focused. A good copywriter is a great multitasker who can actively switch from one project to another and enjoys conducting research to find quality sources for content on various topics. 

What Is The Difference Between A Copywriter And A Technical Writer?

The role of a Copywriter is to create engaging and persuasive content for marketing. The role of a Technical Writer is to create heavily researched content that’s mostly informative. A copywriter can also write informative pieces, but their primary objective is to increase a company’s visibility and authority on a topic. While Copywriters can use more creative, casual language, Technical Writers should use industry terms and be straightforward in their writing. Those in the field of technical writing are specialized in specific areas, such as medical writing, legal documents, instruction manuals, and grant writing, which require detailed knowledge and expertise. 

What Are The Daily Duties Of A Copywriter?

Each day, a Copywriter reviews their assignments and does research on the topics they are assigned. They consult with a Project Manager whenever they have questions about the direction of their content. A copywriter creates an outline to use as a guide when working on a project. Their goal is to synthesize information and phrase it in a new way that aligns with company objectives. After reviewing a finished product, they make adjustments to improve readability and communicate with Copyeditors about additional changes.

What Should You Look For In A Copywriter’s Resume?

Copywriters’ resumes should be highly polished and error-free to demonstrate their expertise in writing. You can ask for examples of previous projects a prospective Copywriter has worked on to see their creative abilities, even if they have experience in writing or marketing.

What Kinds Of Freelance Writing Jobs Are There?

You can select from a variety of writing jobs, which is great for you!

The following types of freelance writing jobs are popular:

  • Ghostwriting – Writing jobs of this nature are credited to someone else. Writing jobs of this nature can prove to be lucrative.
  • Blogging jobs – There is no easier or more recurrent writing job than blogging.
  • Copywriting jobs – The writer will be in charge of writing sales pages, landing pages, and a company’s next marketing campaign.

What Do Freelance Writing Jobs Pay?

There are so many different kinds of freelance writing jobs, so the pay for article writing varies greatly.

  • A typical blogging gig can cost anywhere from $50 to $1,000.
  • The average cost of an email writing job is a few hundred dollars.
  • The cost of ghostwriting an eBook is usually around $15,000

Your freelance rate will rise as you become more established and able to command a high rate.

Can Anyone Do Freelance Writing?

Almost anyone can become a freelance writer. If you hate writing or if you have difficulty writing, freelance writing may not be for you.

You can become a freelance writer if you have always enjoyed writing, are creative, and are able to work on your own and be your own boss.

Who Pays For Freelance Writing?

Freelance writers are employed by many types of businesses and individuals. They are mostly employed by large brands or by small businesses. I mostly work with small businesses and solopreneurs. 


On a closing note, I would suggest that it is high time to get started with high-paying freelance writing jobs. Believe me or not, but they are legit and save time and transportation expenses. They are a real deal in this online-run world.

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