The Ultimate Guide To Online Voice-Over Artist Job

The need for professional voice operators who can finish voice-over projects remotely has increased dramatically. While the COVID-19 epidemic halted in-studio recording sessions and prompted movie shoots to halt, the voice acting industry was mostly prepared to weather the storm and continue working online. You may audition, record your voice, and execute voice-over projects from anywhere with simply a home studio setup and a talent profile on an audio marketplace like Voices. 

Read this complete post if you’re looking at how to start doing voice-over work or how to get started in a voice-over job. 

Voice Over Artist Job Description 

Voice acting is essentially what voice-over jobs entail. It’s an artistic expression in which you use your voice to portray a character or enlighten your audience. A job as a voice-over artist entails reading a screenplay and bringing it to life with your voice.

Commercials, audiobooks, phone greetings, movies, shows, plays, and retail announcements are all examples of where voice actors might be heard. 

I’m fairly certain you come across voiceovers on a daily basis and don’t even recognize it. 

A voice-over occurs when you hear a voice but cannot see the person peaking. Voice-over performers and artists are more widespread than you may believe. 

Similarly, there are many voice-over jobs on the market, making voice-over employment from home a viable alternative to explore. 

You may even work as a voice actor in a cartoon. 

Average Salary Of a Voice Over Artist

Rates vary depending on expertise and the job itself, as with any other work-from-home alternative. As a result, you may expect to earn anything from $100 to $300 for each minute of audio. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, voice actors earn an average of $33,220 per year, whereas performers earn around $17.50 per hour. 

Duties and Responsibilities Of Voice Over Artist

Someone who utilizes their voice in radio, television, cinema, theatre, and other presentations is known as a voice-over artist. They’re commonly used in a scripted radio play’s dialogue between characters, although they’re more commonly referred to as off-camera or off-stage commentary or narration.

A Voice-over Artist’s job is completely unseen and only heard. You may work as a Voice-over Artist in a variety of methods, including: 

● Commercials 

● Documentary or story 

● Promotional or business-related work 

● Dramas on the radio 

● Productions’ narration 

● Video games and animation 

The purpose of theatre artists is to entertain their audience or deliver communication using only their voice. They have to: 

● Attend the rest of the cast’s rehearsals.

● Collaboration with the Director.

● The crowd will be vocally entertained. 

● To establish distinct roles, use different accents. 

How To Get The Voice Over Artist Job

If you’re seeking voice-over jobs for beginners, online voice casting platforms such as Voices, VoiceBunny, or Voice123 are good places to start. 

Voice-over work from home is also available on sites like FlexJobs and Upwork. One of the finest locations to locate online voice acting jobs from home is FlexJobs. 

The following listed websites often have voice-over artist gigs that work from home: 

1. FlexJobs 

2. Filmless 

3. Fiverr 

4. Snaprecording 

5. Upwork 


7. VoiceBunny 

8. Voice123 

9. Voice crafters 

10. Mandy voices 

11. The Voice Realm 

12. Bodalgo 

A piece of advice on how to obtain a voice-over job 

● If you’re applying for freelance voice-over work, don’t forget to provide a demo along with your application. 

● Your demo should be recorded in a quiet area and should demonstrate your professionalism and equipment. 

● Make sure you take your time when recording a demo. It would be ideal if you could perform more than 2-3 voices. 

Qualification and Requirements to Get Voice Over Artist Job

“The most critical component of a voice-over talent’s work is putting a text to life solely through their voice.” 

There are so many emotions to convey, but only one medium with which to accomplish your purpose. As a result, knowing the fundamentals (Clarity, Pronunciation, Accents, and it is also advantageous to learn additional languages) is a must in this sector. 

You don’t need a college diploma or an academy award to be a successful actor! You will, however, need to improve on two key talents — 

1. Ability to Voice Act – You’re giving a character’s voice-over. It’s critical that you know who’s speaking, to whom your character is speaking, and what emotions your character is feeling. It’s crucial to be able to read a screenplay and give it personality. 

2. You don’t have to be a coder to have basic technological abilities. Working with emails and simple audio recording tools are all you need to know.

Voice Over Artist Related FAQs 

What do I require to work from home as a voice-over artist? 

You’ll need a peaceful spot to make the recordings. 

● To record, you’ll need a decent microphone. 

● A microphone stand – Holding your microphone and recording the entire time might be exhausting at times. You may make things easy for yourself by using a microphone stand. Once you start getting better at voice-over gigs, you may invest in a nice mic stand. 

● Pop filters are placed in front of the microphone to eliminate noise.

● A laptop or a computer 

● High-speed internet access 

● To record, edit, and save your audio, you’ll need audio software (like Audacity). 

How can I look up for some genuine auditions and ace them? 

Since voice acting is similar to operating a small firm, finding, auditions can take up to a quarter to a third of a voice actor’s working time. This covers actions that are similar to those in the corporate world, such as: 

● Distributing emails 

● Participating in networking events 

● Demo reels creation 

● Maintaining a presence on online marketplaces such as Voices 

All of these actions are standard for independent voice performers who get their voice-over work mostly through the internet. These days, online markets are an important part of gaining voice auditions. 


Beginner voice-over jobs from home are a terrific method to earn money from home. While finding voice-over work may be challenging at first, as you get some expertise and attend a few pieces of training like this, you may make up to $100 each audio hour. 

Don’t simply say, “I should be doing voice-over work,” but get started on the training and get voice-acting gigs from the comfort of your own home.

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