How To Use Tplinkmifi Net For Any Devices?

The Tplinkmifi Net is exceedingly useful for portable 4G LTE mobile hotspots networking devices. It allows multiple devices for connecting the Wi-Fi network with this MiFi dongle. It shares the 3G or 4G Network through the mobile SIM cards.

The Tplinkmifi is also a wireless networking device and it properly works like the router. Only a coverage difference in both wireless devices.

To get the Tplinkmifi net on your device, you just insert the sim in this dongle like to your mobile phone.

Tplinkmifi Net Features :

  • Web-based Management or configuration.
  • Automatically access its network your devices.
  • Immediately 3/4G network connectivity.
  • You can take anywhere or anyplace.
  • Fully based on chargeable battery system.
  • Small Wi-Fi network provider gadget.
  • You can set network limit and easily control this dongle network through the Tplinkmifi App.
tplinkmifi net

How To Use Tplinkmifi Net For Any Devices?

The Tplinkmifi net is used in any device to connect the WiFi network to any device.

Watch this video and setup Tplinkmifi Net for any device.

  • You have to need first, remove your Tplinkmifi dongle back cover or battery as your mobile phone.
  • After this, find the SIM slot and insert the SIM card here.
  • Put back your battery and cover.
  • You have also not down here your TPlinkmifi Wi-Fi security password and SSID.
  • The TPlinkmifi is configured now.
  • After configuring the setup, you can now press or hold the power access point for connecting to the Wi-Fi internet.
  • Its smart indicator flashes now and please wait for a few seconds.
  • Your indicator is now flashing green color light. After this, you can take a mobile phone or any device and connect your device to the Tplinkmifi network.
  • Visit your device’s Wi-Fi setting and find your dongle hotspot name.
  • You can quickly connect this device network by putting in the SSID and security password.
  • After completing network connecting credentials, click on connect network option.
  • The Tplinkmifi network is fully accessed now by your device.
  • You can use its network properly on your device.

Access The Tplinkmifi Login Page

The Tplinkmifi management and configuration are totally based on the Web interface. You can also control or manage your mobile wi-fi system through the Tplinkmifi App.

If you want to simply log in, through your mobile phone. Then, open google chrome or a web browser on your mobile phone and type in the search bar http // login.

tplinkmifi net

Wait, the login page is accessible now. The log-in box displays on your mobile phone screen, type here your noted default password and SSID name.

You can also create a new login account. After completing login credentials, Tap the enter key. Now, your Tplinkmifi login process is completed now.

Login Through The Tplinkmifi App

  • Turn on your Pc power, ensuring that your Pc has the internet.
  • After that, open a google play store App. Search in the play store search bar Tplinkmifi App and download it by scanning the QR code.
  • After downloading the App, please install it using this app. The Tplinkmifi App is displayed on your pc, in the form of an Icon.
  • Open this app, by tapping on this App Icon. The Tplinkmifi app is open now, follows or accepts all terms and conditions.
  • Now, you have to click on the sign-in option and sign-in using your mobile no. or E-mail Id. Now,ṣ you can access the login page by entering the username and password.
  • Click on the login option and follow up on-screen instructions and complete login credentials.
  • You can also create a new login account for complete future needs. Through the app, you can easily control and manage your data speed.

Setup Of The Tplinkmifi Net Usage Data

  • First, you have to complete all login credentials. Access the login page through the web browser.
  • After the login, look on your device for the settings option displaying on the Pc screen.
  • Click on this option, it can give you information about data usage, currently connected devices, data type, WiFi band, data roaming, or more options available on the setting option.
  • Through this setting option, you can set your data limit, allowing network devices according to you.

The Tplinkmifi internet gateway considers a USB port, sign LED mild indicator, SIM card slot, push button , and get right of entry to factor electricity button. This dongle community is generally beneficial for computers, cell phones, android phones, and tablets. The clever sign indicator mechanically flashes purple shade light, when its battery law, and if the battery is regular then its indicator flashes a inexperienced light.

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