Useful Tips to Prolong Life of Memory Card & Prevent Data Loss

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If you are using any type of memory card, then possibly you want to know the life expectancy of your card and how to safely use it to avoid sudden data loss. Small and portable memory cards such as SD cards and MicroSD cards are easy to use. However, these tiny devices are often used carelessly and that could cause memory card corruption and data loss. You may get an idea about the lifespan of an SD card by checking its write cycles. SD cards work on flash memory that has limited write cycles. But most users never encounter a situation of reaching the maximum limit. It is a good habit to keep a track of your card’s age but the risk of SD card failure largely depends on how a card is treated.

A memory card consists of a plastic case and metal connectors. It uses flash memory, a controller, and other components to store a massive volume of data. Most SD cards are shockproof and can last for decades if used properly. However, most users fail to properly use their memory cards, and that causes premature failure and data loss. So, the question arises of how to use and store an SD card to make it last longer. Here are some proven tips to keep your memory card safe and prolong its lifespan.

Find Out How to Use an SD Card

All memory cards, including SD and microSD cards, contain high-end electronic components. There are certain dos and don’ts for using a memory card. You should never apply too much force to insert a card into a device. Also, avoid actions that could twist or bend the card. It is best to hold the card by its edges and always turn off the camera before removing the card. Also, when connected to the computer or laptop, always safely eject the card to avoid data corruption. When using the memory card for the camera, make sure to format the card in your camera. Using a different device or computer for reformatting can cause errors.

Compatibility Issues

When you buy a memory card, make sure to read the basic instructions to understand how to use the card correctly. Following the manufacturer’s recommendations helps in maximizing the card’s lifespan. It is better to avoid using the same card on multiple devices because when you switch the card between devices, it could pick up a virus. Also, not all devices are compatible with all types of memory cards. If an SD card gets virus-infected or corrupted, you will need a professional for SD card recovery.

Consider Environmental Factors

Even if your SD or microSD card is waterproof, it is best to prevent it from moisture. If you’re shooting outdoors, get a waterproof case for the card. Likewise, protect your card from static electricity, exposure to steam, extreme temperature, too much dust, or liquid spills. Never keep the card in a bag or desk drawer without a case because that would expose the card to dirt.

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