5 Valuable Lessons That Only Rummy Can Teach You!

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Indian rummy is a game that is most renowned for the fun it provides, along with the skills that a person can gain. It’s certainly the favorite card game amongst Indians, and with the introduction of this spectacular game on digital mediums, its popularity has risen tenfold. Although you might be familiar with the various sets of skills you can enhance by playing rummy online, Did you know the game teaches some amazing life lessons too. Here are the top 5:

  • Hard Work Yields Fruitful Results

The more you practice and play in rummy, the higher your skill level gets. And the more skilled and experienced you are in the game, the grander your victories will be. Likewise, in life too, when we try going by the easy way, we aren’t rewarded much. But when we struggle and put in all our efforts to accomplish that one dream, life rewards us aplenty. There are many iconic examples of people who’ve made it big through their grit and passion, including Elon Musk, Jamshedji Tata, Jeff Bezos, Steve Jobs, etc. 

  • Setbacks and Accomplishments Are Two Sides Of The Same Coin

Just like Yin and Yang, there are positives and negatives to every circumstance in life. Losing in a game teaches you many more lessons than emerging victorious in a game. A game lost shouldn’t be a cause of agony. Just like in life, an opportunity lost must be taken in good stride so that you can overcome your shortcomings and emerge a much-improved version of yourself.

  1. There’s Always an Opportunity To Learn

It doesn’t matter how experienced and efficient you are in playing online rummy; there’s always something new to learn, be it from other rummy pros or the new entrants on the vibrant game tables. If you don’t keep a learning mindset and consider yourself to be a know-it-all, there’ll be a point when you begin losing. The same goes for real-life scenarios too. To grow, you need to keep acquiring new knowledge and keep your mind open to new possibilities.

  • Variety is the Most Important Spice of Life

Monotony or following the same routine day in and out leads to boredom, and hence, a significant loss of interest in something you once loved. That’s why online rummy platforms offer three different variations of the game so that you can have a variety of options. Sticking to just one variant, for example, Deals rummy, won’t lead you far. Likewise, sticking to just one school of thought will make you stagnant, and you’d not be able to grow as you wish to.


  • Competition is important for Enhanced Creativity

In online rummy, you have multiple tournaments to compete with other passionate players. These act as a mirror that reflects your expertise and level of skills in the game. In life, too, you need competition to climb the ladder of success. Even if you are at the top of your ladder, without healthy competition and no one to judge your prowess, it won’t take much to slide down right to the bottom. So whenever an opportunity presents itself, compete; not only to know your worth but also to learn something new from your opponents.

In Essence

Rummy is quite different from other games of skill. It focuses on building a particular set of skills and helps in an all-around development of the player, especially for someone who plays regularly. And of course, it is a great means of entertainment, too, making it an all-rounder when it comes to skill-based online gaming. So, without much ado, get to the vibrant tables now, and begin playing to have the time of your life.

Happy gaming!

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