21 Best Ways to Make Money From Home 2023

If you are searching for the best home-based money-making opportunity, we have listed 21 legit Ways to make money from home opportunities.

Many families are having trouble earning a simple living in these hard times. Many people have lost their jobs and their lives due to a pandemic crisis. They no longer have access to basic amenities, and food and shelter are becoming increasingly difficult. Today, with the digitization of the world economy, earning and making a living can be accomplished from your home.  

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Best ways to make money from home

  • Online trading
  • Sell domain
  • Sell digital products
  • Search with swagbucks
  • Drop shipping
  • Make money with blogging
  • Become Instagram influencer
  • Become Facebook influencer
  • Sponsored post
  • Ad publishing networks
  • Online writing jobs
  • Selling and reselling products
  • Freelancing
  • Digital marketing jobs
  • Blog writing and other typing jobs
  • Business startup
  • Social media
  • Web designing
  • Online teaching jobs
  • Online survey and trading
  • Virtual assistant

Lets Began with ways to make money from home opportunities

All you need is skills and a network to connect to people. Several online job sources allow you to apply and work for them from your home. Here are 21 ways to make money from home that will help you. The first step is to identify your skills, interests, and specialization.

A laptop or a phone with internet service and, in some cases, an investment of less than 10,000 is required. To work online from home, freelance work is the most convenient option nowadays along with this Check out some of the ways you can be successful from home:  

1. Online Trading:

One of the easiest ways to make money from home is online trading. All you need is a laptop and Wi-Fi, and you shouldn’t be afraid to take risks because a business without risks is impossible. In this method, traders buy products at low costs and then sell them at higher rates to reputable brokerages. It can be done via cryptocurrency or by purchasing shares. 

If done correctly, trading online can be both a great way to make money and a great way to increase your incoming profits. Thousands of people make their living trading the stock market with stock market software or automated trading robots.    

Programs like these can help you determine when to buy and sell stocks so that you can maximize profits. However, you must choose the appropriate program for you if you are going to get the most benefit from these tools.  

How to start online trading:

  • Make an account on trading sites like:  Bitfinex, Binance etc.
  • Give funds to your account.
  • Buy Products according to your budget.
  • Now sell it at a reasonable price.

Average earning:

The amount of money one can earn through online trading depends on their experience. If they are not careful, they might lose money, but they can double what they invested if they work carefully.

2. Sell Domain:

Selling a domain is another way to Make money from home. You buy a part that you believe people will want to buy later, then you wait for its value to increase, and then you sell it for a profit. The process may sound simple, but there are a lot of factors to consider such as researching whether people want this domain or not.

The first step to making money from selling domain names is to buy a domain name that already has traffic. However, it is very costly to do so. 

You can usually buy new domain names for less than ten dollars, sometimes even less. If you do decide to buy a domain name, then it is important to purchase it from a trustworthy company. 

You can also make money selling domain names through auction sites. It’s probably the most time-consuming and expensive option, but it can also be the most profitable. Using an auction site has the primary advantage of allowing you to see how much people are bidding, which enables you to get the best price.      

How to start selling domains:

  • Buy a domain from trusted sites like, GoDaddy or Bluehost.
  • Now, wait until the price gets high.
  • Finally, sell it.

Average income:

As it works like a business, it is not easy to say the average salary; however, you may make $100k per year if you play the right cards.

3. Sell Digital Product:

First of all, what is a digital product? It is a product that you make, has no physical shape, and then sells it online. It can be an ebook, music, or an online course. It is one of the best ways to make money from home. You can sell it on Shopify, Etsy, or Thinkific.

Selling digital products online has become a very lucrative business to make money from home. Its success can be attributed to the rise of internet technology and the increasing popularity of websites such as eBay, Amazon, etc.

These days, almost everyone uses the internet, and hence almost everyone can sell products and services online. People all around the world have realized the potential of making money through online transactions. Thus, an entire generation is aware of making money online and using the internet to do so.

The best way to start is to find out the niches that have high demand and do not have much competition.

It is important to state that one should decide on the niche that suits him the most before plunging into business. Also, one should generate ideas for the products that can be sold on the internet.

Once you have come up with the product, you will need to choose a payment method and get the product uploaded to your website. Several digital product websites provide payment options such as PayPal, Amazon Payment, Google checkout, etc.

How to start selling products online:

  • Choose or create a product, it can be an ebook, online course or anything else.
  • Sell it on Shopify or any of the other apps.
  • Promote your product on social media.

Average income:

The revenue of a digital media market is said to reach US$292402m in 2021.

4. Search With Swagbucks:

Swagbucks is an app that can be used as an extension. Searching on Swagbucks is a Quick way to make money. Searching on Swagbucks earns points, which can then be redeemed for gift cards or cash. Users can earn money not just by searching, but by watching videos and playing games, as well.

How to start earning with swagbucks:

  • Sign in on Swagbucks.
  • Search on it as you do on Google, watch videos and play games.
  • Earn points, and gift cards and hence earn money.

Average income:

You will have to win 849 SB to get a 5 pounds amazon gift card, and you will need to win 17999SB for 100 pounds cash, which can be deposited via PayPal.

5. DropShipping:

Dropshipping is when a seller doesn’t have to buy stocks; rather, it purchases from a third party and then delivers it directly to the customer. This means they don’t have to care about stocks, which is a great benefit if you ask me.

Dropshipping is one of the most commonly used strategies in eCommerce nowadays. It is a must for those planning to establish an online business, especially in the niche of products and services that are not yet widely known to most retailers and ordinary buyers.

Dropshipping is a very simple way of making a profit through internet marketing.

A very good way to make money with dropship is to sell products that you know a lot about and have enough knowledge and interest about. Doing this will make it easy for your prospective customers to know more about what you are selling.

If you do not have enough information about the item you want to sell, then ask yourself what kind of information your prospective clients would need to know before purchasing the item from you? For example, if it is a book, make sure that a renowned author writes it and has good sales and customer reviews. Second, check the popularity of the niche that you want to target. The more popular the niche, the higher your profit margins.

How to start dropshipping:

  • Set up your online store on a website like Shopify.
  • Create a website to handle orders online.
  • Put some investment while you are starting.
  • Now start drop shipping.

Average income:

If you do everything in the right manner, you should be able to make around $200-$3000 in the first month, but as I have said earlier, it isn’t easy to give an average value when it comes to business.

6. Make Money With Blogging:

Blogging is when you make a blog and start publishing blog posts. You can earn by monetizing your blog after you start getting traffic and by affiliate marketing. The process is slow, but once you are established, then you make a lot more.

How to start make money blogging:

  • Select a niche.
  • Buy a domain.
  • Make a blog on WordPress for that niche.
  • Start blogging.

Average income:

You can earn around $25000-$50000 in the first year but make sure you select the right niche for yourself.

7. Become Instagram Influencer:

You can make money on Instagram after becoming an Instagram influencer, and for that, you will have to build up your Instagram followers by creating quality content. Then you can make money by sponsoring posts and running ads on them or buying your product.

There are many ways to make money from home, but the best way to start internet marketing is to become an Instagram Influencer.

When it comes to making money from home, the most important thing to remember is to enjoy the work while building your Internet brand at the same time. As your brand grows, you will see the profits coming in.

How to start earning with Instagram

  • Make an Instagram account.
  • Build up your followers.
  • Monetize it.
  • Sponsor posts or run ads.
  • Make money.

Average income:

In a survey of 5000 influencers, almost 42% said that they charge $200 for only one post.

8. Become Facebook Influencer:

Making money online is becoming the new craze with Facebook Marketing. People are often unsure of which marketing method to use when it comes to promoting their products and services. It really depends on you and your product or service offerings. Certain methods work better than others, but you’ll have to experiment with them until you find what works for you.

To get started with Facebook Marketing, there are several things that you can do. First, you must create a Facebook fan page. Using a fan page on Facebook, you can write content about subjects you’re interested in. 

Similarly, you should consider joining a group that relates to the products or services you intend to market. This is the easiest and simplest way to make money from home that doesn’t require you to spend anything but time. 

The Facebook influencer works the same way as an Instagram influencer; the only difference is that Instagram influencers use Instagram and Facebook influencers use Facebook.     

How to start making money with Facebook:

  • Make Facebook account.
  • Build up your following.
  • Monetize it.

Average income:

Facebook influencers who have 1M followers charge $10000 per post, increasing as the following increases.

9. Sponsored Post:

You can earn through sponsored posts by writing about the product you are investing in on your blog. Still, first, you need to build up your following, just as in Facebook and Instagram influencers.

The sponsored posts are one of the best ways to make money from home. It’s a great way to earn an income from your own home and also get a good amount of targeted traffic to your website.

How to start earning with sponsored posts:

  • Make a website or Facebook or Instagram account or whatever you will be using.
  • Build up your following.
  • Contact the local companies first and then aim for the bigger companies.
  • Get offer.
  • Make money.

Average income:

On a good average CPM, meaning the cost to reach a thousand people, you can earn $5-$10, which increases as your following increases as you start to target more audience.

10. Ad Publishing Network:

One of the best and easiest ad publishing networks is google Adsense, but it gives very low profit; however, it is best for beginners. Others are Media.net, Adsterra network, Propellers ads, and many more.

There are some easy ways you can make money with Ad Publishing Network without spending too much. One of the best ways to start is to set up your very own blog and drive traffic to it. Once you get more traffic to your blog, you can now monetize your blog, and you can earn from every new affiliate product you will be marketing on it.

How to start earning with an ad publishing network:

  • Make a website.
  • Establish it.
  • Publish articles and blog posts.
  • Promote it to gain traffic.
  • Apply for Adsense or other ad publishing networks and try to complete their requirements.
  • Have you completed the requirement? Great! Now you will be able to make money through an ad publishing network.

Average income:

The amount of money you make through ad publishing networks depends upon your niche. For example, you may earn $0.927 per 1000 views for a fitness and health niche, and for a gaming niche, you may earn $0.933. It means as the views increase, the income also increases.

11. Online Writing Jobs

Online writing is a diverse profession that offers a variety of ways to make money. So let’s start at the beginning.

First, you must hone your skills and master the various tools of the trend. This will require learning about search engine optimization (SEO), niche marketing, online writing, content management systems (CMS), email marketing, bookmarking, social media marketing, and SEO copy-writing.

It would help if you also learned how to create a high-quality profile, develop a powerful sales pitch, follow up with your customers, create a website, promote your products and services, and how to attract buyers to your business.

This area of writing has become a new trend at this time. People tend to read more, and some people offer to write small articles for them for bigger blogs or even books. If you also know writing, you can create your sample and shot at content writing online. You are paid as per the quality of your content and the type of company offering the job.

How to start earning with online writing jobs:

  • Become familiar with writing.
  • Join freelancing sites like, Upwork & fiverr.
  • Create portfolio.
  • Start getting jobs offer.

Average income:

  • It is not easy to say the average salary; however, if you play the right cards, you may make up to $24,000 – $115,000 per year.

12. Selling and Reselling Products

Online marketing is one of the best ways to make money from home. An online business involves creating a product or a set of products and then offering those products for sale on the Internet. You can make money this way if you have a website where you can place your products. 

Many people will just create a free blog on their website and use this to sell their products. It’s a very easy way to get started as you don’t even need a hosting website. You can even use WordPress if you want to. The point is, you don’t have to be a computer genius to get this started. 

In addition to selling products online, you can also create websites around the products you own. You can do this by purchasing an ebook or training program that explains how to use a particular product. Once you have created a website and created the product, you can list it for sale online. This is by far the easiest way to make money with products online, and it can save you a lot of money in the long run. 

How to start selling and reselling products:

  • Chose product to sell.
  • Build online store.
  • Start promoting.
  • Grow business.

Average income:

  • The amount of money one can earn through selling products online depends on their sales. Higher the sales, Higher the earning.

13. Freelancing

Now, this is something very cool and trending among the youngsters. One can make a decent earning through freelancing part-time. College-going students are more into it to make a simple living without any dependency on their families. Many freelancing websites offer you freelancing where you can use your wits to earn more from home. 50% of the Indians are doing freelancing to make a living. Income varies with the skill sets.

Freelancing jobs for newbies isn’t the easiest, but everyone has to start somewhere. When you work hard, then you will win. It’s the best way to survive!

One of the best ways to get your feet wet in freelancing jobs is to create a portfolio. When you have finished working on a project, you should show your client base exactly what you can do for them.

As soon as you have a portfolio and a few loyal clients, you will be well on your way to making a lot of money. You can now focus more time on your primary duties, build your client base, and earn more money.

How to start freelancing:

  • Join freelancing sites.
  • Build strong portfolio.
  • Get jobs offers according to your skills.

Average income:

  • On average a freelancer can earn $21 per hour, it depends on skill you have.

14. Digital Marketing Jobs

Digital Marketing freelancing is currently among the most in-demand online services, particularly remote and freelance job sites.

It’s not hard to find work as a marketing freelancer. There are plenty of marketing jobs available in the digital sector for freelancers with technical skills and creative thinking. 

How to start digital marketing jobs:

  • Be like expert on digital marketing.
  • Find jobs on social media, classified publishing sites, freelancing sites or local ares.
  • Start working.

Average income:

  • According to research, The average income of a digital marketer is $66,206 per year.

15. Blog Writing & Other Typing Jobs

You can start your writing career right from your home and your skills. You just need a phone or laptop to write and post. Initially, you might be paid less, but slowly and steadily, it will increase as per your writing content and quality. Starting from 200 bucks, it can reach 10k.

You need to be a highly skilled professional who can type fast and accurately for the best online typing jobs. This does not necessarily mean that you have to be an expert at the keyboard, but rather you should be able to type like a pro.

If you have the skills and the knowledge, you can take on freelance typing jobs or even do them full-time if you have other full-time employment.

How to start online typing jobs:

  • Learn basic SEO and also improve writing skills.
  • Join freelancing sites or find jobs on social medias.
  • Get jobs offer.
  • Start working.

Average income:

  • It depends on knowledge/writing skill you have, Normally a freelance writer earns $10 – $300 per thousands word article.

16. A Small Business Start Up

You can also start a business from home with a small investment and start earning. All you need to do is market it well and draw people in. You could sell art, homemade delicacies, or provide some other service that you’re an expert at.

How to start a business:

  • Find your interest.
  • Do some market research.
  • Start business.
  • Promote your business.
  • Start growing.

Average salary:

  • I have said earlier, it isn’t easy to give an average value when it comes to business, it depends on your business’s nature and your marketing plans.

17. Social Media  

There are already a variety of ways to earn money from social media platforms, despite it being a relatively new field. Every major social networking site has contributed to users turning their passion for the internet into a profitable business or turning their online business into a larger business.

It’s great that social networking not only allows us to find others who share our interests but also enables us to follow their advice and conduct business with them. 

One of the easiest ways to get paid from social media is by getting targeted traffic. When you gain enough followers, you can start monetizing them, and this is one of the most effective ways to make money on social media. 

Another way to make money with social media is by being an affiliate. Affiliate marketing allows you to earn commissions based on the sales generated by your website. As an affiliate, you can promote different products, such as nutrition products, physical products, etc. Also, you can become an affiliate for different websites that offer products and services similar to your own. 

How to start making money with social media:

  • Create profile on various social medias.
  • Promote affiliate products.
  • Or Sell your own service.
  • Or Work as virtual recruiter.
  • Get a lots of benefits.

Average income:

  • When it comes to business or something that depends on your personal plan and dedication to it, It is very hard to determine average income through it.

18. Web Designing

Among the many ways to earn money online, web design is one of the easiest ways to make money from home. Web designers work with all different types of people, and they are often contacted by clients who require a designer.

There is a high demand for web designers in the online world, which means that almost anyone who knows how to use the internet can find work as a web designer. 

Every business or company needs a logo or design for their different works and organizational department. They offer such designing work to work from home online. If you are creative enough and have a good hand at working out some designs, you can design logos or designs per their requirements.

How to start web designing job:

  • Be expert on web designing field.
  • Find customer on your local area.
  • Or Make some cold call or cold mail.
  • Or, Join freelancing sites or social media job posting groups.
  • Get hired.

Average income:

  • A freelance web designer makes $31 to $42 per hour on average.

19. Online Teaching & Tutor

Among the many ways to make a side income from home, teaching English as a foreign language is usually one of the most lucrative. This is not only a great side income opportunity, but it also gives you a lot of freedom because you can teach as many people as you want and work as many hours as you like.

For teachers who wish to earn a second income, online teaching jobs provide both income-generating potential and time-saving opportunities. This job is perfect for stay-at-home moms, people with children, and people who don’t have the time to commute to school every day. 

The pandemic has set everyone at their places, but online teaching can still be done. Almost all the schools and coaching institutes are now online. There are also many people sitting idle teaching either through Zoom meetings or YouTube channels. Your earning can vary according to your teaching style, and the time you devote to it. It can range from no penny to tens of thousands.     

How to start online teaching job:

  • Join online teaching sites like Qkids or VIPKID.
  • Get approved.
  • Start earning.

Average income:

  • Online tutors are earning up to $30 per hour. It depends on the company you are working with.

20. Online Survey and Trading

Many firms and companies conduct surveys from time to time to test their products. Those who have experience with the product can take the surveys and get paid handsomely. 

You must first change your mindset regarding how you view making money through online surveys. All it takes is a little effort on the smallest scale. Believe me, once you start doing these things, you will never look back. 

You simply need to register with the different survey websites. It’s important to research individual sites thoroughly before registering. You need to do this because there are many scammers out there who never pay for your work.

How to start online survey job:

Average income:

  • Online surveyors can earn $1 – $20+ per survey.

21. Virtual assistant and consultant

There are thousands of people every month who earn good money working as assistants just at their desks, in their pajamas. It is possible for you to do the same.

To become a virtual assistant, you should first establish yourself in the niche. Assisting jobs have always been hated, but working from home as a virtual assistant is something anyone would love. Some of these jobs require no experience while others require a certain level of expertise and experience. 

How to start virtual assistant job:

  • Crete list of service you can provide.
  • Decide your rates and working shedule.
  • Create a professional CV and get ready to apply for job opeanings.
  • Find local vacancies or search jobs on various freelancing platforms like Nexa, Flexjobs, Fiverr etc.
  • Apply for job – Get selected and start working.

Average income:

  • When we looked at previous year data, it shows that Virtual Assistants with Customer Service Skills earn $4- $25 per hour.

So, these were some of the ways to make money from home and enjoy life parallel. Happy earning, and be safe and keep reading our articles.

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