What Do Accident Injury Attorneys Do (and Why Do You Need One)?

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Were you recently hurt in a car accident? If this happened to you, then you are not alone. There are more than three million car accident injuries in the US every year.  If this sounds like you, then your next step is to start looking for accident injury attorneys who can represent your case.

Check out our guide to learn more about what these legal pros can do for you. Then you can concentrate on recovering your good health.

What Do Car Accident Injury Attorneys Do

Car accident attorneys provide both victims and defendants with legal representation when accidents occur. An accident injury attorney specializes in tort law. These professionals can also use their legal expertise to direct your legal claim through the court system or negotiate with insurance companies.

Other areas a car accident attorney can assist you with include:

Satisfy The Statute of Limitations

The Statute of Limitations is a group of laws that spell out how long a victim has to file their case with the local court system. If a victim doesn’t file their claim before their state’s deadline, they can’t collect a settlement to help pay for their damages.

Demands for Compensation

Accident injury attorneys can draft the demand for compensation on their client’s behalf. Demands for compensation are mailed to the other party in the accident, along with their insurance company.

Demands for Compensation summarize the victim’s physical injuries. It also includes what costs are for treatment or other expenses to heal. Demand letters are the primary communication tool between each side of the case.

Collect Case Evidence

A car accident injury attorney will also collect evidence to support your case. Evidence ranges from witness testimony to pictures of accident scenes. Other forms of evidence include police or insurance reports.

Negotiate Settlements

Both sides of a car accident might want to settle their case and avoid any courtroom time. Approximately 95 percent of car accident cases settle outside of court. Your accident attorney can represent you in a settlement that helps reach a resolution faster and avoid costly court fees.

Navigate the Legal System

If you can’t negotiate a settlement for your auto accident injury, a car accident lawyer will help you file your lawsuit with your local court system. These legal procedures start with a process called pre-trial sessions.

Pre-trial sessions happen when involved drivers and their accident attorneys meet with a judge before their hearing. During these meetings, the auto accident attorneys will discuss the case’s evidence, legal arguments, and witness testimony.

Present Your Argument For Assigned Responsibility

US states have laws called “at-fault” laws. At-fault laws specify that when someone is injured in a car accident, they can’t be more than 49 percent responsible for the accident if they expect to receive money to pay for their damages. Car accident lawyers will present your case to the local court if the details of your accident reach this level. That’s when a judge decides on the outcome.

Next Steps For Your Accident Case

If you’re ready to start researching car accident injury attorneys, then you can start today. Be sure to look for attorneys with tort law experience.

This experience will be handy if you need to negotiate settlements. It will also be helpful if your case goes to the discovery phase or eventually to trial.

If you’re still wondering “do I need an accident lawyer?” you’ll find more advice on auto accident attorneys on our website. We can help you get the best outcome for your case possible.

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