What Is Image Submission Sites And How To Do Image Submission In SEO

Images are more effective as compared to texts. On the Internet, images are the best way to communicate your brand and business to users. 

Simply, image submission means posting your site image on different sites to interact with people and to get referral traffic to your website. This is an off-page SEO strategy. Facebook, Instagram, and Flickr are among the most popular sites for submitting and sharing images. 

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The idea of image submission in SEO is not to get a lot of backlinks but rather to attract more visitors to your website. By submitting images to high domain authority image sharing sites, you can increase your organic traffic, reach a relevant audience, and build backlinks. But it’s important to remember that it’s not just about the number of backlinks you get. It’s also about the quality of your backlinks.

What is Image Submission Sites in SEO

A website where you can upload, manage, and host images is an image submission or sharing site.

Basically, image submission helps you build links to your blog/website by placing its images on different image submission sites, and it helps you get referral traffic.

It is an Off-Page SEO technique that allows you to publish or upload your digital photos.

How to do image submission in SEO

Step 1 – Search for image sharing sites with a high DA and PA that provide backlinks.

Step 2 – Use your username, email address, etc. to register on those image submission sites.

Step 3 – Go ahead and activate your account.

Step 4 – Add your website URL and title along with your image.

Step 5 – Submit the form by clicking the Submit button. 


Image submission sites are essential for SEO. It increases your site’s authority and improves the page ranking in search engines. Typically, images are posted in high-quality, dofollow and dofollow photo-sharing sites. Once approved, your images will appear on these platforms. Increasing the amount of organic traffic you receive will profoundly affect your overall business.

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