What’s So Special About the Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles?

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As the pandemic kept millions indoors during the extended periods of lockdown, there was a surge in demand for jigsaw puzzles (one company reported a 370% increase in sales over the last year). So, if you too were looking for indoor games during the lockdown, you may have come across wooden jigsaw puzzles, and you might have wondered what makes them different from any regular puzzle. Read on to find out what makes these artistic wooden puzzles unique.

  • Own the Art 

Regular jigsaw puzzles have gotten boring with their generic cityscape pictures. Meanwhile, wooden puzzles breathe fresh air into the puzzle world with their emphasis on art. The artists choose art styles, such as folk art, and draw your attention to less explored genres and the history behind their evolution. Moreover, the finished puzzle is a conversation starter, sure to catch the eye of any discerning guest.

  • Personalize the Art!   

Since you are buying directly from the artist, you can inquire about options to include you and your loved ones in the artwork. Imagine what a pleasant surprise it would be for your family to see themselves as a part of the beautiful landscape – a bit like having your own Where’s Waldo!

  • Educational 

Art always tells a story, and each handpicked theme, such as cities, beaches, and landmarks, comes with its own story. The artist usually goes to great lengths to include minute details about the place, and it is a beautiful way to educate someone about different cultures. 

  • Support Local Enterprises

Unlike most conventional jigsaw puzzles, these are made exclusively by local artisans. So, when you buy them, you will be supporting their trade and promoting their art. 

  • Responsibly-Sourced and Made

Since these puzzles are usually created in smaller batches, adequate care is taken to reduce the negative impact they have on the environment and society.  

  • Custom Photo Puzzle

Some wooden puzzle makers also give you the option of getting your family portrait made into a puzzle. You can ask to avoid awkward cuts across the picture – especially on the faces. 

  • Ideal Gift

Whether you want to gift it to others or yourself, premium wooden puzzles come with velvet cases to store the pieces, collectible boxes, and gold detailing, and they are a delight to behold. 


Moreover, apart from being unique artwork, let’s not forget that wooden puzzles are essentially puzzles and that they offer well-known benefits that improve the overall quality of life. Some of these benefits include:

Great family activity:  A family that solves puzzles together stays together! Looking for all the pieces and figuring out where they go builds teamwork and coordination. 


Stress busterResearch shows that participants feel a heightened sense of calm while solving puzzles. Besides, doing this on a regular basis can help in controlling anxiety and associated complications. 


Cognitive benefits of puzzles: Handling the jigsaw pieces improves hand-eye coordination, and visualizing the big picture helps in honing organization skills and developing spatial intelligence. Moreover, since puzzle solving is an activity that requires concentrated effort, it enhances your ability to focus. This, in turn, improves productivity and even delays the onset of Alzheimer’s. 


Mood enhancer: The bright colors, especially in wooden puzzles, uplift your spirits. Children especially enjoy redoing these puzzles – unlike other puzzles, where they tend to lose interest once they have found the solution. 


So don’t wait any longer; if you are on the lookout for a piece of art that is delightfully interactive, look no further than wooden jigsaw puzzles. Visit an artist’s studio online or offline to bring home a present that you can open again and again. 

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