Why are Students trapped in Medium Grades?

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Day by day, in times of increasing competition, the level of mental stress of students is also rising. No parent wants their child to lag behind and thus they push their children into this never-ending race for success, rather than letting them enjoy their childhood.

You begin your schooling years with great enthusiasm towards studies and eventually, you start acquainting yourself with the environment and adjust in school. You make new friends and the learning process becomes interesting for you. And now that you have stepped into this race, there is no going back.

Now you struggle and struggle to be on the top. Some can and some cannot and when some can why can’t the others. Some of you need help with homework or essay writing help while others do not. This is a big question that will be addressed here.

Some students make it an aim to study well so that their grades don’t go down and they always remain the apple of everyone’s eyes. They study hard, do their homework in time without needing other’s help in homework. And for this, they put all their heart and soul into this work. On the other hand some students, try as hard as they can, are not able to get the desired results. They are stuck in these medium or low grades. And there can be many reasons behind the same:

  • Pressure from the parents: As already mentioned above, the immense pressure from the parents on their children, to top whatever race they take part in burdens the students. These students are not pursuing studies out of their own interest but because of their parents’ pressure and such students won’t understand whatever they study. They will just vomit on their answer sheets what they ate a day before but couldn’t digest. Answer written without the understanding of concepts would not ever bear the desired fruits and thus the students get medium grades.
  •  Lack of Proper Guidance: Be it learning ABCD or cracking exams as tough as UPSC, lack of proper guidance always affects student’s results. If you don’t know which way you have to go, which books you have to study, what you have to study in those books, what is important, what is not and how can the questions be asked, you won’t be able to ace the exams. Hard work plus guidance is what takes you through the exams. Obviously one cannot study everything that is written in the book. Thus there has to be someone who guides them to successfully complete their studies.
  • Only Hard work and no Smart work: Some students today just toil and toil and exert themselves to eternity. But you should not focus on the quantity of the work done rather the quality. If quality is focused on then the results would be outstanding but if the quantity is focused on the result would be mediocre. Just imagine reading 5 books and not having clear concepts of even one. Therefore focus on learning one with all heart.
  • Peer Pressure: While staying among your friends, you develop like-mindedness and like their company. But when you see your friends getting grades higher than you, you always feel bad and discouraged. You want to get equivalent or higher grades and thus you keep on toiling. This half-hearted effort towards the studies results in just a satisfactory result.
  • All work and no play: We have always heard that All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Very true. If you keep on working and working and don’t give rest to your brain, its efficiency reduces thus bearing unwanted results. Just as a machine needs to be shut down for a while to let it cool down so does our mind. Thus one must study for some time and have some leisure as well. Spend time with your near and dear ones.
  • Focus: If you understand that your attention span is not more than one hour, you will be able to utilize it fully. One must take short breaks between these study times and relax the brain in this short span. If this is followed then you will see surprising changes in your grades. But students today don’t do this. They study constantly for hours and hours and exert themselves extensively, thus lowering their grades.
  • Dislike towards a certain subject: I guess this point would be most relatable to students in class 9th and 11th who are asked to choose their streams. The pressure to take Science for further students may also result in their grades lowering. Such students may not have an interest in it but are pressurized to take it. Once you are interested in something. It is only then that it is able to capture your attention and if you aren’t interested in anything you will either focus on it partially or not at all focus on it. This happens in initial classes as well. Students tend to scoreless in a subject that does not interest them and more in his or her favourites.
  • Approachability of the teacher: Sometimes some teachers are so strict that students hesitate to approach them and eventually are not able to clear their doubts and thus aren’t able to score marks.

Hence these factors, all of them or some of them, together contribute to trapping students in medium grades. If we overcome these factors and study with all dedication, we can easily get good grades and won’t need any assignment help.

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