Why do Dubai have so many luxury cars?

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Many people wonder, “Why do Dubai have so many luxury cars?” Here we will elaborate on this question’s answer accurately. In general, people think that cars are only used to reach from one destination to another destination. But this is not the case with Dubai luxury cars. For Dubai people, the car is an integral part of their lifestyle.

Driving luxury cars such as Ferrari, Porsche is a dream for some people which is never going to complete. But this is not the case in Dubai. In Dubai, you can easily drive a luxury car. Either people have these luxury cars or they take them on rent and drive these cars.

Driving luxury cars are so popular in Dubai and people think hard to get the answer that how could people in Dubai afford these luxury cars. Here we will try to find out the answer.

  1. Buy second hand cars

If you think to buy brand new cars in Dubai, it will cost you a lot. But on the other hand, if you buy a second-hand car, it will cost you less. People here buy second-hand cars. In this way, they can increase their collection of luxury cars. Here, most people prefer to buy used cars rather than investing in brand new cars.

  1. Can loan is easily available

Yes, you heard it right. Getting a car in the UAE is an extremely easy process. They offer car loans at low-interest rates that are convenient for the common person. You can easily apply for the loan and get approval. 

  1. Dubai’s jobs pay really good

In comparison with other countries, UAE pays quite well. Almost every employee here can afford a luxurious car easily. If you are planning to go to Dubai to get a job, it is a great choice. Here, you will see lots of earning opportunities that pay well. By doing so you can afford luxury cars. 

  1. Low tax rates

In the UAE, there is no income tax. Whatever you earn, all yours. You do not need to pay any income tax. Even the VAT rate is only 5 percent which is extremely low. Otherwise, in most countries, people have to pay a hefty amount in the name of income tax. 

  1. Insurance is too reasonable

If you are riding a car for a longer period, insurance won’t be an issue for you. The insurance rate for people who are driving for many years is low. But the insurance rate for luxury cars is quite high as compared to the standard car. Even though it is quite less in correlation with other countries like Europe and America. This is one of the main reasons people buy luxury cars in Dubai.

  1. Petrol is less costly

In comparison with other countries, petrol prices in the UAE are considerably cheap. So while buying a luxury car, people do not have to think about petrol prices. Because in other countries, while buying a car or any other vehicle the first thing they have to think about is petrol prices.

  1. Rare car theft 

The best thing about Dubai is you do not need to worry about car thefts. Dubai, UAE is safe to live. You can live here without worrying about thefts and cars getting robbed. Your car will be safe here. The crime rate is less in UAE which makes this country even safer to live in.

  1. Renting a car is available

In Dubai, you can easily rent a car. Most tourists come here to rent a car and enjoy the ride on these luxurious cars. Buying a car is an expensive thing that’s why most people prefer to rent a car. Renting a car is much affordable. Public transportation is less likely to use here. Almost everyone prefers to rent a car or either buy the car. 


Now you see, these are the reasons you see luxury cars in Dubai, UAE. If you are a person who wishes to drive a luxurious car, you must visit Dubai and fulfill your dream. Dubai won’t deceive you. This is a place where everyone wants to go once in a lifetime. Dubai is a people’s city. You are most welcome here. 

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