Why Security Of Random Video Chat Becomes The Biggest Headache?

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In recent years, with the development of technologies like information technology, Computer Science and, Engineering, communication has been taken to another level. The revolutionary era of the internet brought people closer than ever. In the late ’90s, the internet and WWW were introduced. After over 2 decades the internet and the World Wide Web were finally introduced in one hand devices like mobile phones and from there a new revolutionary era of communication has been just started. And we all know the rest.

This revolutionary era of communication has been just giving a huge push in the development of Social media. Social media applications like Facebook, Snapchat, Skype, etc. are now a regular part of everyone’s life. From texting, media sharing to voice calls over the internet and video chat is just out of imagination for people who live in the ’90s.

Surely it’s not new for the new generation but things are getting faster than we can expect. And still, it’s not stopped here, Social media apps like WhatsApp, Instagram is limiting user’s communication at some points. So new ideas like online chat with random introduced by platforms like Omegle, Chatrandom, Bazoocam, FaceFlow, etc., and now you can communicate with anyone from anywhere in the world.

Well, all of these things seem pretty crazy kinds of stuff but user security is one of the biggest and unanswered questions. The controversy with Facebook is the best example of it. Social media app security is another talking point since its users can be protected at some levels. The biggest security concern is security in online random video chat platforms.

Revolution After Coming Omegle In The Social Media Market

After the introduction of Omegle, Many Social media providers are now coping with the same idea. now over more than 30+ online random video chat providers are competing for their place in the market. Since Providers have no direct control over the users of the platform, user’s private and personal become vulnerable.

Many incidences were registered on Omegle, Ometv, Chat iw, and other platforms over users’ security breaches. Using Social media applications for communication is safe at some level but using online random video chat applications is not as secure as Social media applications. So many things you have to care, Some of them are listed below.

  1. Keep your information private

  Don’t share your private information like mobile numbers, Social media ids, home addresses, etc. if someone asks or demands it, refused and block them straight.

  1. Use Monitored or Moderated mode

  Random Chat platform providers monitored some of the ongoing live conversations. Some also give the option to chat in private mode. If possible use moderate mode because anyone trying miss behave, You can easily report them can take action against them.

  1. 18+

  This platform allows only 18+ users. Below 18 users required parental guide to use. And if you have a child below 18, must take care while your child using it.

  1. Span and Blocking

 Be careful, if some trying to miss behave with you, immediately block and report them, someone won’t suffer like you.

  1. Avoid pornographic content

   This is one of the biggest concerns on random chat platforms. Avoid this kind of content, not just only for your safety but for the people who are facing the same issue. Pornographic content may lead you to many illegal things which might take you in some dangerous things.


Things on Social media are now not the same as before.  Many Security Layers and modules have been implemented by provides but they can’t control everything. User’s Security always depends on the user itself. The revolutions will take place every year and decades but the only thing that can protect users is users themselves. Social Applications are secured at some levels but online random video chat platforms are not secure at any level. It always gonna be vulnerable as only users have direct control over it. so it totally depends on users or we can say it totally depends on ourselves.

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